Andrei (Andreas) Scherbakov

Software R&D Engineer, Computer Scientist

Did you ever know about the butterfly effect?
I'm the butterfly that would wave her wings at the proper time in your business history

and then help you organize the wind of your success

Data mining

  • Strutured data extraction
  • Machine learning / Deep learning
  • Detection of patterns & associations

Natural Language Processing

  • Text Understanding
  • Language modeling
  • Neural and rule based solutions

Reasoning & Verification

  • Complex logics and combinatorics
  • Property compliance verification
  • Advisory & decision making apps

Information Retrieval

  • Semantics based search
  • Effective indexing

Software Engineering

  • Full stack development
  • Algorithms & optimization
  • Arhitecture
  • Visualization

Interdisciplionary R&D

  • Natural sciences
  • User experience
  • Cognitive modeling